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SISFA 2021

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

          Greetings film fans! We hope this announcement finds you well. As you may already know, our 2020 SISFA Film Festival was ultimately postponed due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. What a challenging year it has been for everyone. We truly hope you and your loved ones have remained healthy and safe during this most difficult time.

          But even through the darkness, there emerges rays of hope, opportunities to get us back on track as a society. But the one thing that has never disappeared is our innate ability to create and to tell stories. The mediums of telling these stories took quite a shift within the last year, but the drive to be storytellers has never been fiercer.

          The filmmakers that submitted films into the 2020 SISFA had some of the most original and awe-inspiring stories that we have ever seen, stories that have not yet been able to be shared with you...until now. But even with the summer months quickly approaching, we believe that it is in the best interest of the public’s health and safety to host the 2021 SISFA Film Festival completely online this year in a virtual showcase that will be unlike any other.

          The 2021 SISFA will premiere on several digital platforms beginning on
Thursday, August 26 and ending on Saturday night, August 28. Over the course of this virtual festival, filmmakers and film fans alike will be able to tune in and enjoy the complete selection of 2020 shorts and feature films, special Q & A commentary, amazing musical performances from local artists, a virtual After Party space, and of course the 2021 Main Event.

          “We’re taking everything that the fans enjoy about the festival and presenting it through a new lens for this year.” Festival Director Brian Salay comments. “And that includes our interactive live show as well. Without revealing too much information, we promise to interject SISFA’s signature flair for telling a live story during the Main Event, in a way that we’ve never done before. It’s exciting.”

          Per usual, the festival will culminate in the 2021 Main Event, which will be a live presentation of the nominated short films and the announcement of the winners, combined with an interactive on-screen story that you will have to see to believe.

          Tickets for the virtual event will go on sale within the coming months, along with announcements concerning this year’s host, performers, as well as the updated festival schedule.

          “We look forward to celebrating the art of film with everyone in-person in Spring 2022.” Brian adds. “But until then, we are ecstatic about the ability to connect with audiences far and wide on our virtual platform for 2021. We can’t wait for you to be swept up in these invigorating stories.”

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