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-Short films can be anywhere between 1-16 minutes in length.
-Feature films must be between 45-130 minutes in length.
-All films must be submitted in a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080p.

-Uploading a Press package, after your acceptance into SISFA 2020, is highly recommended but not required.
-Films may be about anything as long as they are not copyrighting any existing films, stories, or ideas. 
-Films can be of any genre. 
-All films must be submitted (through FilmFreeway or postal mail) by February 20. No films will be accepted after this date.

-There are five headlining categories for the Short Film Competition: Best Dramatic Short, Best Comedic Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Short Screenplay, and 

Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror Short.

-The Feature Film Showcase allows filmmakers the opportunity to submit their films for a chance to be featured at a SISFA Red Carpet Event/Screening. The film with the highest score will also receive the award for Best Feature Film.

-In addition to these, there are also categories for Best Post Production, Best Cinematography, Best Original Story, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Picture.

-Our judging panel, consisting of Emmy Nominated individuals and
industry professionals, will evaluate the submitted films several weeks before the festival. The short films that receive the highest scores will make it into the Main Event/Live Show.

-Show inclusion is determined by selecting the highest scoring films in each category, thus creating a two hour show. 
-Feature films selected will be showcased individually as their own events, separate from the Main Event. The Award for Best Feature Film will be announced and given during the Main Event.


Submissions are open!

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