SISFA Main Event:

The following films have been selected to headline this years' festival at the Main Event and are eligible to win awards.


In Limbo

(Directed By Sylvia Ray & Antoine Perry)

The Runs

(Directed By Adam Rosenberg)

dramatic shorts

The Love You're Looking For (Directed By Alec Bevere)


(Directed By Jesse Stewart)


(Directed By Stephan Eigenmann)



(Directed By Robert Ramos)


Face Your Fears

(Directed By Neil Stevens)

5 Teenagers Walk Into A Bar

(Directed By Vivian Sorenson)

Colorado Showcase

The festival will launch with this Colorado showcase, premiering select films created in Colorado, complete with cast/crew Q&A's.

The Art Connection

(Directed By Sarah Megilligan & Jacob DeSalvo)

The Light

(Directed By Bradly Mason)

How to Love Your Enemy:

A Restorative Justice Story

(Directed by Sam Martin & Matt Battaglia) Feature Film Nominee


(Directed By Stephan Eigenmann)

SISFA Late Night

SISFA Late Night will showcase darker and edgier projects in the

Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror genres on Night One of the festival.

Honor Among Thieves

(Directed by Justin Eugene Evans)

Outside Arcadia

(Directed by Robb Rokk)

Seven Years After

(Directed by Trevor Lecka) Feature Film Nominee

Short Film Showcase

The following films have been selected to screen during the

Day Two Short Film Showcase.

Bring the Gun

(Directed by Jeffrey M. Williams)

For the Goblins

(Directed by Hypnus Yao)


(Directed by Gregory G. Allen)

The Making Of

(Directed by Tyler Shown)

October Diary

(Directed by Weihao Wang)

The List

(Directed by Michael Bruggemeyer)

Feature Film Showcase

The following feature film has been selected to premiere on Day Two of the festival, complete with a moderated Q & A with the producers.

Into The Void - Pilot Episode

(Directed by Michael Gates)

Feature Film Nominee


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