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SISFA Main Event:

The following films have been selected to headline this years' festival at the Main Event and are eligible to win awards.

Hover over each to learn more about each film.


Premieres 10/21, 6:30 PM MST

Trying to make a better life for himself and his family, Kenny is pursuing a career in real estate. Due to an unfortunate event, he finds himself in debt to local gang leader Ace. The method of repayment disrupts Kenny’s world and sheds light on the ongoing battle of gentrification in Los Angeles.

Directed by Malcolm Bodon

COMEDIC shorts

that time of the month.jpg
That Time of the Month

Premieres 10/21,  6:30 PM MST

A murder investigation takes a reporter and her cameraman to the house of three women roommates, who turn out to be werewolves.

Directed by Ann Allsopp

yard sale.jpg
Yard Sale

Shoppers unexpectedly fall in love with items at a yard sale and express their excitement in unusual ways.

Directed by Andrew Huggins & Donna Whitmore-Sexton

Premieres 10/21, 6:30 PM MST


After Isabella's encounter with a curandera, she takes a pregnancy test that derails the plans she has for herself. After discussing the positive test with her boyfriend Carlos, he berates her for considering an abortion, until he wakes up in a nightmare, where he is confronted with children, a pregnant belly, and an unruly scientist.

Directed by Sylvia Ray

ten thousand camels.jpg

Ten Thousand Camels

   Directed by Kent Flaagan

The story focuses on the lives of two good men, a soldier who believes he’s captured a terrorist, and a Middle Eastern man who believes a terrorist has captured him, forcing the viewer to confront their perceptions of war and stereotypes.

    Premieres 10/21,  6:30 PM MST



Premieres 10/21,  6:30 PM MST

Directed by D. Mitry

As the war starts in Ukraine, six-year-old Nina is sent to her grandma’s remote village. In the shack outside, Nina discovers a badly wounded Russian soldier.

dramatic shorts


Raptors on the Line

This film focuses on Rick Harness and his team of biologists who have been working for decades to reduce raptor electrocutions and improve clients’ electric systems.

Directed by Greg Brenton

Premieres 10/21, 6:30 PM MST



Circa 2100s, a young scavenger breaks into an abandoned lab atop a snowy mountain, seeking treasure to eventually sell for profit, but instead awakens a robot who teaches her the importance of companionship.

Directed by Hannah Papa & Victor Uzcategui

Premieres 10/21, 6:30 PM MST

mothers eyes.jpg
Her Mother's Eyes

A mother reckons with feelings of jealousy and longing when her free-spirited daughter returns home for the summer with a new boyfriend.

Directed by Sawyer Macres

Premieres 10/21, 6:30 PM MST

Short Film Showcase

The festival will launch with this Short Film showcase, premiering select short films from all across the United States.

hippie carpool.jpg
Hippie Carpool

A young college student who is late for class has to accept a ride from his profoundly hippie neighbor. 

Directed by Cameron Allan Markwart


Premieres 10/20, 7:30 PM MST


(Directed By Stephan Eigenmann)

no time off.jpg
No Time off For Good Behavior

On the day a young black mother will be sent away, she must entrust her infant daughter to the care of her own disapproving mother. Both women struggle to find some small measure of connection at this terrible moment of forced parting.

Directed by Christopher Riley

Premieres 10/20, 7:30 PM MST

brothers keeper.jpg
Brother's Keeper


A man and woman are subjected to a decidedly unpleasant social experiment.

Directed by Dan Sellers


Premieres 10/20, 7:30 PM MST

lucky encounter.jpg
Lucky Encounter

A down on his luck elderly man stumbles upon an easy way out. But the repercussions of his actions are more terrifying than he could ever imagine.

Directed by Kian Doughty & Ben Cicilian

Premieres 10/20, 7:30 PM MST

the broom.jpg
The Broom

Angelic intervention leads to one young man’s revelation.

Directed by Kent Flaagan

Premieres 10/20, 7:30 PM MST

good riddance.jpg
Good Riddance

A twisted story of witchcraft and revenge. 

Directed by Jake Roth

Premieres 10/20, 7:30 PM MST

bag check.jpg
Bag Check

On their return home, a couple has an unexpected surprise waiting for them at the airport.

Directed by Matthew Keith Atkins

Premieres 10/20, 7:30 PM MST

Colorado Showcase:
'Late Night Edition'

The following films have been selected to screen during Day One, premiering select shorts created in Colorado.

cold light.jpg
Cold Light of Day

A young artist is initiated into an exclusive underground art club.

Directed by Evan Wiley

Premieres 10/20, 8:30 PM MST

expiration date.jpg
Expiration Date

Teenage girl Iris considers herself very average, except one thing- she has thirty days to live. She considers it a challenge to complete as many outlandish things as she can before the thirty days are up, all while recording it for her crush Jack.

Directed by Izzy Buhler

Premieres 10/20, 8:30 PM MST

head over heels.jpg
Head Over Heels

When tragedy strikes Melanie and her husband, they must move quickly to cover up the accident before the law gets involved.

Directed by Ryan M Dahl

Premieres 8.27, 1:00 PM MST

Premieres 10/20, 8:30 PM MST

Premieres 6/24, 8:30 PM MST

int. bathroom.jpg
Int. Bathroom-Night

A young Woman falls for her beautiful neighbor Maddie, watching her every moment of the day, until she discovers that Maddie has fallen for someone else. Concerned for her innocence, the Woman decides it would be best for her to be controlled.

Directed by Mila Johnson

Premieres 10/20, 8:30 PM MST

printer head.jpg
Printer Head

A lowly office worker is thrust into mayhem as he rushes to get an important document printed by the end of the day.

Directed by Frances McIlvain

Premieres 10/20, 8:30 PM MST

strereo psychosis.jpg
Stereo Psychosis

A defiant teenage girl discovers that her enjoyment of a burgeoning music genre causes a divide with her mother that leads to deadly consequences.

Directed by Matt Sandoval

Premieres 10/20, 8:30 PM MST

the flesh of another.jpg
The Flesh of Another

An experimental short about the relationship between two characters named Edwin and Rosko.

Directed by Jack Cosgriff

Premieres 10/20, 8:30 PM MST

Feature Film Showcase

soldier 2.jpg

Soldier focuses on Daniel Krug: a heroic firefighter, father of five, SWAT trainer, and armored combat enthusiast. Daniel is also a former sniper, with ten years of combat, security, rescue and recovery experience in Iraq. And over the past decade, he’s lost eleven of his close military friends, and almost lost himself-to PTSD. Long-Form Short

Directed by Justin Zimmerman

Premieres 10/21, 2:00 PM MST

Join us on Saturday afternoon for 3 invigorating stories.

common thread.jpg
Common Thread

Climate and global warming are mental health crises, and children are among the most vulnerable. This project joins global filmmakers speaking with children worldwide about their concerns for the planet and future. Short Film

Directed by Frank Fazzio & Martha Fazzio

Premieres 10/21, 2:00 PM MST

europe 2022.jpg
Europe 2022: A Moment of My Life

This documentary project tells the story of how director Jerod Young and a few friends backpacked through Europe for five weeks. Along the journey, they experience incredible sights, but also encounter the difficulties that come with traveling to a new country. Feature Film


Directed by Jerod Young 

Premieres 10/21, 2:00 PM MST

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