SISFA Main Event:

The following films have been selected to headline this years' festival at the Main Event and are eligible to win awards.


In Limbo

Premieres 8.28, 6:30 PM MST

Two childhood frenemies-a serial trust fund partier and a ruthless social
climber-are sentenced to the Purgatory Level of Los Angeles and challenged to
face their inner demons together to avoid hell and reach heaven.

 Can they take the heat?

Directed by Sylvia Ray & Antoine Perry

The Runs.jpg
The Runs

Premieres 8.28, 6:30 PM MST

An epic battle for

the last roll of toilet paper.

Directed by Adam Rosenberg


Best Original Story: Face Your Fears 
Best Short Script: Honey by Fayth Krause 
Best Post Production: Face Your Fears
Best Cinematography: Mama
Best Comedy: In Limbo 
Best Documentary: Shrouded
Best Drama: Mama
Best Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror: Face Your Fears
Best Feature: How to Love Your Enemy
Best Actor: Isaiah Stannard "5 Teens Walk Into a Bar"
Best Actress: Leah Briese "Face Your Fears"
Best Picture: Face Your Fears
Audience Choice: Rewind 

dramatic shorts


Premieres 8.28, 6:30 PM MST

A vagrant prostitute struggles to care for an abandoned baby through a night in Beijing.

Directed by Jesse Stewart


Premieres 8.28, 6:30 PM MST

A woman gets to know her robot
while dealing with tragedy.

Directed by Stephan Eigenmann

The Love Your Looking For.jpg
The Love You're Looking For

A Mother walks through life a single mom. As her son grows up, a shadow lingers in the background of their lives, something holds the mother back from truly experiencing the happiness in life available to her.

Directed by Alec Bevere

Premieres 8.28, 6:30 PM MST



Two experts reveal a theory about the
origin of the Shroud of Turin, a mysterious cloth bearing the image of a crucified man, believed by many to be Jesus of Nazareth.

Directed by Robert Ramos

Premieres 8.28, 6:30 PM MST


Face Your Fears.jpg
Face Your Fears

A young woman terrified of the
dark discovers a supernatural box that can cure her fears.

Directed by Neil Stevens

Premieres 8.28, 6:30 PM MST

5 Teenagers Walk Into a Bar.jpg
5 Teenagers Walk Into a Bar

When a school field trip goes awry, five barely acquainted teens get left behind in the desert and are forced to band together when a spooky encounter becomes violent.

Directed by Vivian Sorenson

Premieres 8.28, 6:30 PM MST

Colorado Showcase

The festival will launch with this Colorado showcase, premiering select films created in Colorado.

How To Love Your Enemy.jpg
How to Love
Your Enemy

A city in Colorado tries a different kind of justice system powerful enough to change the incarceration game of the U.S, a process that radically shifts our idea of justice and our part in it.

Directed by Sam Martin

& Matt Battaglia

Premieres 8.26, 7:00 PM MST


(Directed By Stephan Eigenmann)


A call center worker struggling with
alopecia learns to accept herself with the help of a young cancer patient.

Directed by Stephan Eigenmann

Premieres 8.26, 7:00 PM MST

Art Connection.jpg
The Art Connection

An artist that has combatted with his own depression creates works of art in Pueblo, Colorado, shaping the lives of people in order to create one big enlightened community.

Directed by Sarah Megilligan

& Jacob DeSalvo

Premieres 8.26, 7:00 PM MST

The Light.jpg
The Light

Two different people used the somatic therapies EDMR and transformational bodywork to overcome their trauma.

Directed by Bradly Mason

Premieres 8.26, 7:00 PM MST

Merry Crisis.jpg
Merry Crisis

Every family is a little dysfunctional, especially during Christmas! With this being the first Christmas without their mom and dad, 3 sisters have to learn to either get along, or die trying.

Directed by Sara Chavez

Premieres 8.26, 7:00 PM MST

SISFA Late Night

SISFA Late Night will showcase darker and edgier projects in the

Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror genres on Night One of the festival.

Outside Arcadia

(Directed by Robb Rokk)

Honor Among Thieves.jpg
Honor Among Thieves

When a planet-hopping cowboy criminal returns to New Mexico after a heist-gone-wrong, he expects a hero’s welcome. Instead, he finds his mutinous crew has decided he’s no longer in charge.

Directed by Justin Eugene Evans

Premieres 8.26, 8:15 PM MST

Outside Arcadia.jpg
Outside Arcadia

On a southern farmstead just outside Arcadia, more than 20 years after life-altering events, a boy and his sister finally make their moment to break free.

Directed by Justin Robb Rokk

Premieres 8.26, 8:15 PM MST

7 Years After.jpg
Seven Years After

Seven years after an outbreak has left most of humanity as zombies, two loners find each other and have to re-learn what companionship and love means as the world crumbles around them.

Directed by Trevor Lecka

Premieres 8.26, 8:15 PM MST

Short Film Showcase

The following films have been selected to screen during the

Day Two Short Film Showcase.

4 The Goblins.jpg
bring the gun.jpg
Bring the Gun

A first-time bank robber must
escape a heist alongside an unpredictable partner in order to survive.

Directed by Jeffrey M. Williams

Premieres 8.27, 1:00 PM MST

4 The Goblins.jpg
For The Goblins

An ordinary college student gets kidnapped by Goblins on his way home from a party. He makes a deal and brings one home to teach them how to act like a human being.

Directed by Hypnus Yao

Premieres 8.27, 1:00 PM MST


A Jewish Holocaust survivor  agrees to be interviewed by a young woman doing research
for her grad thesis on reparations. The more they talk, the more secrets are revealed.

Directed by Gregory G. Allen

Premieres 8.27, 1:00 PM MST

The Making Of.jpg
The Making Of

An AA group explores the mindset changes of communities like their own, while a film team puts on a show in front of a live audience.

Directed by Tyler Shown

Premieres 8.27, 1:00 PM MST

October Diary.jpg
October Diary

The emotional journey of two young women who make a connection in a strange new city.

Directed by Weihao Wang

Premieres 8.27, 1:00 PM MST

The List.jpg
The List

Two adults have an adventure to
fulfill a childhood list of all the things they hoped to do as adults.

Directed by Michael Bruggemeyer

Premieres 8.27, 1:00 PM MST

Feature Film Premiere

Voyage of the Chimera.jpg
Voyage of the Chimera

Follow the officers and
crew of the Chimera as they embark on a perilous mission, with an untested Captain, a
battered ship, and an uncertain future.

Directed by Michael Gates

Premieres 8.27, 7:30 PM MST

The following Pilot Episode of "Voyage of the Chimera" has been selected to premiere on Day Two of the festival, complete with a moderated Q & A with the producers.